Reviews of Drawn to Dorset

Reviews of Drawn to Dorset:

Michelle Brown – proof reader: “Drawn to Dorset is a collection of diverse stories from a range of people with a common interest: Dorset. These stories all tell of how they had been pulled towards one certain place, and what led up to this. Claire has taken the time to research a place that is often overlooked in everyday life, and found a number of fascinating stories to add to this collection. Although the chapters are relatively short, they do not lack detail, and you feel as though you yourself are travelling with each of the writers, who each have their own writing style, too! There are wonderful historical pieces that intrigue, along with personal stories that give you faith in humanity (I’m talking about the ‘A Tattoo, A Picture, and A Phone Call’ chapter in particular!).

Scattered between chapters are poems, quotes, and snippets of information, which really make this book unique. It creates an overall picture of the way Dorset is for these authors; rather than just memories, there are famous texts and factual information that readers can further research if the need takes them. (And it does!) The photographs help to cement the stories, but it also helps to give familiarity to the reader, making you feel as though you have been there even if you haven’t.

A great read which brings together the essence of Dorset, along with its history, and takes the reader on a journey through the sights. Claire has done a wonderful job of selecting these stories, each one being completely different to the others, but also complementing each other. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history, Dorset, travelling, or real-life stories – it can be for everyone!”